Are Pug Dogs the Ultimate Companion Dog?

Welcome to all about pug dogs.

What is it about pugs that make this little breed so special to have as a pet? So what if they are very stubborn and determined? After all, they snort and make funny noises and boy can they snore up a storm.

Are you wondering whether a Pug dog is right for your family?

Anyone who owns a Pug know they love to be with their people and will follow you around just to be close to you. Pugs are loving and affectionate. They don’t have to do much to make you laugh. They are great companion dogs. A Pug is very happy to curl up on your lap. A Pug is definitely a lap dog.

A Pug has a way of really getting to you. They look up at you with those soulful eyes, tilt their little head, stick out their tongue and start wagging that curly little tail. You know you can’t help laughing & smiling, right? And so, you wonder how you ever got along without a Pug.

Just ask any Pug lover.

This is the place for Pug lovers. It’s your complete guide to a happy and healthy Pug puppy dog. A home is just not complete unless you are owned by a Pug.

I am not an expert in the field, nor am I a breeder, just a Pug lover who is honored to be owned by one. I can help you better understand them and give you tips on Pug care, grooming, health issues, nutrition and the best dog food.

… and much more…

Stay awhile and explore my website where you will find a lot of practical and helpful information about this adorable breed of dog.

Glad you’re here. Yes, I have the honor of being owned by a little Pug. Oh, I said that already ;-)